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Brazil Prime - Fortaleza Ceará

Homes for sale and buy in Fortaleza, Ceara Brazil.


The Brazil Prime is specialized in selling real estate in Fortaleza, Ceará, and other cities in Brazil, for housing or investment. They are homes and houses, apartments, flats, condos, land and other types of properties for sale and buy.

About Fortaleza

Reasons for investing

Even though tourism is usually associated with leisure and fun, business also promotes this sector. This segment includes all professional trips in which visitors enjoy infra-structure; be it meetings, congresses, lectures, project executions, contract closures, fairs and purchases.

Ceará has increasingly attracted more trips related to this segment, which results in more visitors interested in the Cearense economy and also in the available places for events, such as the Convention Center or hotels with specialized structures. This tourist inflow benefits the economy of the whole State, since this process has been developing in all regions.

The development of Fortaleza as a commercial and service center, of the Industrial District in the metropolitan area of Fortaleza, of Sobral, in the Acaraú Valley Region and of Juazeiro do Norte, important economic center in Cariri, contributes to the growth of Business Tourism. The construction of Pecém Harbor in São Gonçalo do Amarante, the commercialization of semi-precious stones in Quixeramobim, the fishing activity in Camocim, the fruit production in the Baturité Mountain Range and flowers on the Ibiapaba Mountain, besides the religious items trade in the Cariri Region are economic references in several levels and places which promote business tourism.

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Brazil Prime - Fortaleza Ceará

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