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Brazil Prime - Fortaleza Ceará

Homes for sale and buy in Fortaleza, Ceara Brazil.


The Brazil Prime is specialized in selling real estate in Fortaleza, Ceará, and other cities in Brazil, for housing or investment. They are homes and houses, apartments, flats, condos, land and other types of properties for sale and buy.

About Us

Real Estate

Brazil Prime

A Brazil Prime Property Investment Property, recorded in CRECI 811 J (Regional Council of Real Estate), is a company with hundreds of opportunities for Real Estate Business in Northeast Brazil.

We specialize in project sales and land by the sea, apartments, beach houses, condos, farms, small & Company / Industry covering all types of property following the coastal, urban and rural areas, which may be designated for residential purposes, business, tourism industrial or investimentos. Operate with the Partnership Agreement with Real in Brazil and abroad, we have access mainly in the construction of all Ceará.E still have a differentiated Stock Used Properties for sale!

The team from Brazil Prime Property consists of qualified and willing to strengthen a relationship of ethics and credibility with customers and partners in Brazil and abroad.

MISSION: To assist the customer with great care and speed, while maintaining the quality of our services.The also help Kundelogin foreigners who need advice on Real Estate Projects in the Northeast and other states of Brazil.

Our clientele is composed of 80% customers from various countries of Europe, especially Spain, Italy and Portugal. The United States, India and Russia are also part of our market.

We hope you enjoy the opportunities of our site, are developments of the first line specially selected for your satisfaction.

Thank you for visiting!

Brazil Prime Property
Beira Mar, 3960, shop: 08, Ed Via Scala
Fortaleza, Mucuripe, Ceará, CEP: 60165-121

Skype: brazilprime
Phone / Fax: +55 85 3263 1400

Attendance - Monday to Friday - 8am - 6pm

Phone: +55 85 3263 1400       Mobile: +55 (85) 98804-6204       Skype: brazilprime


Brazil Prime - Fortaleza Ceará

Avenida Beira Mar, 3960 Av. Pres. John Kennedy, 3960
Shopping Via Scala, loja 08
Meireles - Cep 60165-121
Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil